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Why Is Mole Scan So Important?

Its possible that you may have heard of the cosmetic surgeries, skin rejuvenation in perth treatments but never about the mole scan or mole mapper. People tend to be very careful and conscious about the appearance of their skin but not the health of the skin but in fact if people start to give more attention to the skin health then its appearance there would be fewer skin problems and hence less skin cosmetic treatments and less skin cancers.

Role of the mole scan:

Mole scan is the procedure to keep the track of your body skin by checking how it is changing with the time. It is called mole scanning because in this the moles are tracked as these are one of the major symptoms of the skin cancer. Mole scan is very important especially if you live is some country where skin problems are common and therefore, skin examine should also become the part of the regular check up and so is the mole scan. Skin cancer has become one of the most common kinds of the cancer is becoming prevalent throughout the globe, the only way to prevent and treat this is the early diagnosis and hence the importance of the mole scan.

Benefits of mole scan:

Apart from the skin cancer, which is in fact is enough reason to get the scan done, there are other kind of skin diseases which could be diagnosed with the mole scans such as the congenital nevi which also is the form of the cancer could be caused from the moles from the birth time as well and also to identify the atypical moles.

How to get a mole scan?

There are number of clinics around that provide the mole scanning, get the list of the one which is the best and top reviewed and rated and set an appointment. First, there will be some consultation which would include the questions about your skin history and then there will be a full body scan and this could be done either on the same day or some next day as instructed by your doctor. After your initial mole scan, there will be a follow up scan, usually after three months period in which the new photographs will be compared against the last.

Your doctor will also give you the copies of the photos and will determine any changes and behaviour of these changes. The photos are given to you so that you could yourself perform your examination and could track the changes on monthly basis from the ones you have, the doctor will inform you that you need to check for any new spots, freckles or new moles in the skin and as soon as you track some, you need to show these to your doctors. If every thing is fine and there are no changes then there is no need for follow up scans but scans could be done once a year. Visit here for best skin treatment services