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How To Deal With A Medical Emergency When There Is No Doctor Present



Whenever we are faced with a medical emergency, we are advised to immediately call a doctor or an ambulance to get us to a hospital within the shortest possible time; however have you ever thought about what you would do if you were faced with a medical emergency in a case when there was no doctor present? What would happen if you are in a rural area or on a very lonely road far away from the city and you are suddenly faced with a severe medical emergency that could not wait? By its definition, medical emergencies are very time sensitive with the situation having the potential to get worse within seconds.

Prepare yourself with information and supplies

A medical emergency can never be predicted and therefore it is always important for you to have common medication or common medical supplies with you at all times. Although many people would find this silly, the truth is, you will never know when they will come in use, possibly even for the very people who call you silly now for doing so. Another thing that would be useful is for you to have the numbers of an after hours pharmacy in Takapuna on your phone at all times, just in case. You might not be able to reach the pharmacy physically however at least you will be able to call them and ask for advice in case you are too far away.

Learn medical techniques

It is always important for every one of us to learn a number of emergency medical techniques in case we are ever along with someone who needs medical attention urgently. You may learn basic CPR techniques which could almost definitely end up in you saving a life and of course, other techniques that a doctor will be able to teach you. In addition to an after hour’s pharmacy, it would also be useful to have the numbers of some doctors that you know personally who will be able to direct you while you attend to the emergency.

While there is no way of knowing the solutions to every medical emergency that could take place and of course, no way of predicting what medical emergency could take place where, there are a number of medical issues that are very common and are often the leading causes of death around the world. When choosing which techniques to learn, try to learn techniques associated with these particular medical emergencies first before you move on to more advanced techniques.