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Physical Injuries

Health is always important for every human being in this world. Everyone always tries to maintain their health to be fit and live longer. Some people do a gym to keep their body fit but sports is the tool to keep them active. Sports are played by most of the people to maintain their body and help them to be strong mentally and physically. Sports have always been a tool for fitness.

Types of sports

There are many types of sports to keep people fit. People choose sports according to their interests. Cricket and soccer are played by most of the people including the rural areas. Sport is a physical exercise that makes the body fit and sports games can be made by anyone and any Peron can make there ow game to fit themselves. But, people now a day’s don does not make their games they just play the game like cricket, soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, rugby, etc.

Dangerous consequences

Sports is always been a tool to be fit but sometimes it can lead you to death. Sports is just not a game, it needs all your attention and physical force and if strength is used wrong, you might get serious injuries. If you play cricket, you have to be focused on the ball because if the ball hits your head or any part of your body it will make serious injuries that can lead you to death. Hence, if you play hockey or soccer they can also make injured that can lead you to fractures and broken bones, or if injured on your head, it might results in death. But, not all the games lead you to death if injured like basketball is a game in which you can be hurt by the ball and that can lead you to broken bones and you may have to get a wheelchair for rest of your life but there are rare cases of death by a basketball game.

There are different types of injuries in sports. Sometimes your bone is dislocated or fractured, sometimes there is an open wound that bleeds and sometimes body tissues are damaged badly. Whenever you are playing any type of sports you should have first aid with you in the field because that can help you just after the injury and can me feel better with pain killer sprays and alcohol wipes that can clean your wound. If your ankle twists while playing any sports you need a minimum of 1 month of bed rest to recover and 3 months to play sports like basketball again.

Some people just play sports without wearing the safety kit e.g., the guard in cricket and gloves for a goalkeeper in soccer which can lead to a lifetime regret. This article is for them who don’t use safety kits so that they can know that they are risking there life’s playing without safety kits and can regret whole life laying in a wheelchair. These are some types of sports injuries in Rockhampton that a sportsman can get.